3D Visualization

As part of the NYS Department of State 3-D Visualization Project grant, the Chautauqua County Department of Planning & Economic Development embarked on an ambitious initiative - to build a section of the downtown Jamestown, NY in an avatar- driven 3D environment. Phase I of this project, which culminated in a voice-over PowerPoint presentation, evaluated the available software for creating a 3 D world. For Phase II, the Department of Planning & Development teamed up with Gebbie Foundation and a local company (Digitell Inc.), a virtual world expert in Jamestown, to create a 3D model of the street, streetscape and buildings in downtown Jamestown (view  video). The primary objective was to allow interested developers and other parties from outside of the region to tour the downtown and its amenities from remote locations. This project allows prospective developers to do a cursory visit of the downtown area in the virtual world from the comfort of their offices via their computers, regardless of where they live and work, and without expending the time and resources associated with traveling to Jamestown. Developers would not only be able to experience a visual representation of the location, but would also be able to access information such as zoning, square footage, utilities provided and sale/lease price.


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