Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board

Agricultural activity in Chautauqua County has declined over the past 40 years. However, Chautauqua County still ranks as the number one county in New York State in the overall number of farms and encompasses half of the grape acreage in the State. The economic, and environmental benefits and landscape preservation, values associated with agriculture are worthy of protection.  Once lost to development, agricultural lands
 are gone forever.


It's the county's policy to conserve, protect and encourage the development and improvement of its agricultural land for the production of food and other agricultural products. It's also the county's policy to conserve and protect agricultural lands as valued natural and ecological resources, which provide needed open spaces, as well as buffers for water quality and habitat for wildlife.
The Chautauqua County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board was created in 1993 by act of the County Legislature pursuant to New York State Agriculture and Markets Law.
The board's mission is to enhance economic viability of the agricultural industry and preserve and protect the viable farmland in Chautauqua County. The socio-economic vitality of agriculture in this county is essential to the economic stability and growth of many local communities and the county as a whole. Additionally they:
· Encourage farming in Chautauqua County through local initiatives which create favorable conditions that allow farmers to operate economically viable enterprises;
· Advise the Chautauqua County Legislature on establishing, modifying, continuing, or terminating agricultural districts;
· Review Notice of Intent filings pursuant to Agriculture and Markets Law 25AA Sections 305.4 and 305-a;
· Support, implement, and update the goals of the Chautauqua County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan; and
· Advise and recommend concerning Purchase of Agricultural Conservation Easement (Purchase of Development Rights) applications to funding agencies.