Chautauqua County Land Bank Members
Board of Directors
       James E. Caflisch
       928 Marvin Road
       P.O. Box 100
       Clymer, NY 14724
       (Director, Chautauqua County Real Property Tax Office)
       John Hemmer
       7539 East Route 20
       Westfield, NY 14787
       (Chautauqua County Legislator, District 22)
       Lori B. Cornell
       20 Dewey Place
       Jamestown, NY 14701
       (Chautauqua County Legislator, District 12)
       Vince DeJoy
       321 Baker Street
       Jamestown, NY 14701
       (Director – City of Jamestown Department of Development)
       Steve R. Neratko
       733 Washington Street
       Dunkirk, NY 14048
       (Director – City of Dunkirk Department of Development)
       Michael L. Bradshaw
       145 Pardee Avenue
       Jamestown, NY 14701
       (Executive Director – Citizen's Opportunity for Development & Equality (CODE)
       Peter Lombardi
       190 Newton Avenue
       Jamestown, NY 14701
       (Director of Neighborhood Initiatives – Jamestown Renaissance Corporation)
        Brian Lydic
        5144 West Shorewood Drive
        Dunkirk, NY 14048
        (Lake Shore Savings & Loan)
        William Morrill
        3252 Marks Road
        Sherman, NY 14781
        (Retired Chautauqua County Real Property Director)
        William W. Carlson
        10370 Chestnut Road
         Dunkirk, NY 14048
         (Broker - Howard Hanna Holt Real Estate)
         Jeffrey E. Gossett
         8 Sunset Drive
         Fredonia, NY  14063
          (Member - Chautauqua County Planning Board)
Qualifications, manner of appointment, and term of office of members of the Board
Members of the Board of Directors must be residents of or be employed in the County of Chautauqua. Appointments shall be made by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the County Legislature. The term of office of members of the Board shall be two (2) years.
Peter Lombardi                Chairman
Michael Bradshaw            Vice-Chairman
Jeffrey Gossett                  Secretary
James Caflisch                  Treasurer
Deborah Liliestedt            Assistant Secretary
Richard Dixon                  Assistant Treasurer
Mark Geise                      Executive Director
Steve Abdella                   Legal Council