Planning Board Mission

To Serve the Public Interest
In constituting the Planning Board, the Legislature charged the Board with guiding and accomplishing a coordinated and harmonious development of the county that will, in accord with present and future needs, best and most efficiently promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the county’s residents.  

To Acquire Adequate Information and Knowledge
To acquire whatever information and knowledge is necessary to fully understand and make wise decisions and recommendations in the interest of the County. Members have the responsibility to insist that they are provided (by an applicant, interested party, or the staff) information of sufficient scope and depth to allow them to fully understand the issues before the Board and the alternative actions available to the Board.  

To Be Fair
Persons likely to be interested in a particular subject coming before the Board must be provided adequate and timely notice of the meeting at which the Board will review the subject, an opportunity to attend that meeting and present views and information concerning the subject. 

To Make Rational Decisions
Decision should consist of conclusions that are based on findings related to the standards, policies, and considerations applicable to the particular type of decision.

To Take a Broad Perspective
The Board must consider not only the many physical aspects of the issue being decided, but often also its economic and social aspects. The Board must consider not only the decision's immediate impacts on those persons most affected, but also its future and secondary impacts on the County as a whole. The Board should thus explicitly evaluate all facts, alternatives, means, and consequences relevant to its decisions

Mission Statement

  • To act as a forum for discussion of issues potentially affecting the quality of life of the people of Chautauqua County.
  • To analyze countywide and regional conditions and trends, making suggestions or recommendations based on those analyses, and advocate sound planning.
  • To focus primarily on inter-municipal, county-wide, regional or state level issues that may affect Chautauqua County or be of general significance to the quality of life of citizens of our rural towns and villages.
  • To support planning and community development at the local level through the dissemination of information and technical assistance locating potential financial resources to further such efforts.
  • To review and recommend community and land development projects that positively impact Chautauqua County and the region.